Wednesday, 4 June 2014

3, me, we, you see.

I have officially finished my second yearof uni! So I thought id reflect a little bit on the last few weeks, I realised that I will never ever be good at deadlines, and yes I found myself in the library fifteen minutes before the deadline finishing it off, I think thats the worse I have ever been handing something in. 

But on a happier note: Our university hosts an Arts Festival every year celebrating the work of the students from Literature to Theatre; This year my group and I were asked to re-perform a piece we had created for a module in semester 1 on the opening night. I have never been so happy to read an email in my life!!!!
We were so surprised to be asked, it was an absolutely amazing time for the three of us. Hopefully we did our piece justice, as it was initially stressful after not looking at the script in so long, but I donned my pig costume (I played a pig) once again and had a brilliant night, with a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate!

                                             3, me,we, you see. (November & May 2014)

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Discovery of an old text.

This is something i wrote one a late night back in January, prime example of one of my many rambles. I always find it interesting re-reading something i wrote a while ago, its funny looking back at how i was feeling and what was going through my mind...

I'm not the most exciting girl in the world,  I hate being a worrier, so I’m channelling it through biscuits, rich teas to be precise.
If every rich tea were a worry, I could fill a room, a big room at that. 

 Theres seven year old me “oh no I don’t have frilly socks for school”
and then theres teenage Fatty  “what do my friends think?"
 theres first year of uni “why is there so much drama?”
today “why have I ate so much?”

It’s a never ending cycle of bullshit isn’t it, you’re born, its good. To you the world is a massive flat place full of grown-ups… Then you become one of them and realise the worlds round, and can be quite frankly pretty shit at times. In the grand scheme of things, will this moment really matter in my life? I’m not sure.. Do I care about the things I did when I was younger, maybe. I can’t decide, you see its odd isn’t it growing up I’ve turned twenty and suddenly feel like a wrinkled hag, I feel like my life is passing me by and I’m just watching it. But its not an interesting T.V. program you want to sit and watch its just an annoying, slightly over-weight girl that worries too much about what everybody else around her thinks; thinks of her, thinks of what she says and what she does and whether or not she’s a dick or not, but who cares i've realised that maybe I should just become a general dickhead and own it, then nobody can offend me by thinking it can they! Did i mention I'm a Theatre student so, occasionally like to be a little bit dramatic.

Second thought of the day, I love it when you’ve nearly finished work, the feeling that I will see you soon even if you’ve had a rubbish shift and don’t want to speak that’s ok with me. Although I am losing out to a ps4 at the moment what do I need to do get naked, throw caution to the wind and run around the garden numerous times shouting “pay me attention!!!” in order for you to look away...ok so maybe I’m being OTT but I like i said, we’ve established I’m a very over-dramatic girl and I don’t know how to be any other way. 

My brain would look like a spoon I think, it wants to lap up all the dleicous wonderous things in life but it needs someone to pick it up and delve into life for it because its lazy you see, my brain, my body, me. Im a lazy girl and I dont know what to do with myself. I want to travel, yea
I want to be an actress, yea
I want to be adored, why not?

But it all comes with a price, dreaming because if you spend too much time dreaming you don’t actually get around to doing it. So this is my mission, I need to be motivated, I need to start living and I need to do it now!...Ok its 23:24 and im weighed down from biscuits currently so maybe tomorrow..or Saturday, yes Saturday will be good, no sunday, definitely sunday.


A lil intro

 Lets make it seem half decent

Ok so, really i'm vaguely aware that im kind of just typing to myself right now, but just in case im not (by some miracle) hello!

Not quite sure what has possessed me to create a blog, I probabaly don't have an anything unique or interesting to say, but i thought it was finally time I found an outlet for all the silly jumbled thoughts swimming around my brain!

Current thoughts:

  • The Universal  by Blur is a song I should listen to more, because it's unreal.
  • I need to stop saying unreal, but I cant shake it.
  • I may need another cup of tea...
  • Nobody cares about any of the above, oh well... 
Hello blog life!